Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hello Fall, Hello Blog

There have been a few nights in New England lately with just a touch of fall in the air, which means it's time to start my love/hate affair with fall fashion. Boots, sweaters, coats, yes! But vegan? Ouch. That is where my inspiration often turns to heartache. This time, I've decided to share my finds and obsessions with the any other vegetarians or vegans on a style mission. Let's talk vegan companies, vegan alternatives for the season's trends, vegan boutiques, and those sometimes magical "accidentally vegan" options that appear in the world.

Now, for the fine print: I don't only support all-vegan brands and shops, though those are certainly my favorites. And I do not shop at only earth-friendly, organic, and human rights oriented companies, but those are obviously better than the alternative. So, expect to see a little of everything. (And please, don't have an aneurysm if I recommend a Forever 21 shoe over a leather alternative.)

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