Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blair Style

A friend and I have been catching up on old episodes of Gossip Girl lately, so of course that means lots of fawning over Blair Waldorf's outfits. I don't know why Blake Lively gets so much press, when it's clear to me that Leighton Meester is the star of this show. Anyway, here are some (vegan, of course) ideas for channeling Ms. Waldorf in your day to day life.

ASOS Blouse With Tipped Drop Collar $52.38

Falke Red Tights $28.75

Mossimo Herringbone Pencil Skirt $19.99

Old Navy Marshmallow White Bow-tie Top $18.99

Beyond Skin Penny in Black with Blue Herringbone $240.29

ASOS Embroidered Satin Bow Blouse $61.11

Modcloth Pointelle Me More Cardigan $89.99

Modcloth Kick Ball Change Skirt $120.99

Old Navy Argyle Sweater $36.94

ASOS Crochet Pleat Front Blouse $61.11

Also, check out the blogs Blair Fashion and Gossip Girl Fashion to get more ideas from some true experts.

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